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The Rental Intercept, and Your Little Dog, Too

As Gayle Cagianut of Cagianut & Company astutely points out in her companion piece, “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh, My!! (The Association as Landlord)”, the road to Oz is not always full of pretty songs, sunny skies, and horses … Continue reading

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Taming Homeowner Rage

Have you noticed how the “rage” once confined to our roadways has crept into our communities as well?  “Owner Rage” is what we’ve come to call it at our law firm.  But why is it happening?  What forms does it … Continue reading

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Preventing the Ultimate Nightmare: The Legal Dissolution of Your Condominium

The nation’s financial crisis has turned the dream of home ownership into a nightmare for many owners where dissolution of the condominium could become the best resolution.  Other Associations inadvertently subject their condominiums to dissolution by failing to follow required … Continue reading

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