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Strategies for asphalt maintenance on a tight budget

Over the course of 10 years in the asphalt business, I have gathered dozens of pictures into a folder on my laptop inelegantly titled “Stupid Asphalt Repairs.”  From poor craftsmanship to the wrong remedy for a given symptom, it is … Continue reading

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Landscape Management – A Strategic Plan For Value

For many communities the maintenance of common area landscaping, including associated water costs, is the largest expense in the budget.  Downward economic pressure over the past few years has allowed many communities to reduce short-term costs significantly by working with … Continue reading

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One Hour Board Meeting – Fact or Fiction?

I have heard they are out there — the elusive and desired one hour board meeting. But I wonder – are they real? And if so, does any business actually get done during this hour? Or is everything tabled until … Continue reading

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Realize a Vision for your Community through Strategic Planning

As another year begins, it is important to review and recognize the community’s accomplishments of the prior year and celebrate its successes.  It is also time to review or create your strategic plan. Basics of Strategic Planning Strategic planning is … Continue reading

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